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Birthdate:Sep 1
When the Giants revolution comes I'll be first up against the wall.

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1940s audi revival, 19th-century throwback blogger, a lifetime in lists, baking from amish cookbooks, baseball books, baseball road trips, brett tomko, casey neill, changing nickels for paradigms, charley dinersign, christ in a bucket, claire's adventures with duolingo, containing multitudes, copy editing the world, david b. flemming, davos seaworth, derrida before bedtime, documentaries about anything, eugene folk music scene, faffing around in photoshop, feminism in betsy-tacy, first-time homeownership, flora and fauna report, homemade coca-cola, jon miller, julia kristeva, kai ryssdal, kamiah, keeping notebooks, keeping score at games, knitting and starting over, little house cooking, little house lit-crit, longdogs and butter dogs, mccovey chronicles, mission viejo park, my stet tattoo, pip debrita and me, popover cafe, raw local honey, rooibos chai tea, san bruno, sharon astyk, simplicity blogs, sparky's blues compositions, spell it right ferchrissakes, spiazzo, stannis baratheon, stephen dillane, sunday crossword, tahoe ice skating, the state of jefferson, thousands of dog pictures, travels with charley, veda hille, watership down, west portal, writing all the stavos, your san francisco giants
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